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If you’re a beginner at Notion, this might be a little confusing. If you’re a Notion power user, this might be a little simplistic. Having seen many tutorials, I wanted to create something in the middle to track everyday life that is functional, lean, and aesthetically pleasing. If you’re in the creative field with bustling thoughts and finding it hard to organise everything, I hope this is a good starting point to jump on the Notion bandwagon (or try it again)!

General Structure

After exploring tons of productivity concepts like PARA from Marie Poulin and Tiago Forte, and reviewing creative workflows from…

From self-learning to working with a global remote studio

After six months of working as a product designer with Airfoil, I thought to recapitulate the steps from learning the ropes to getting hired by a remote design studio. This took 6–8 months — only by God’s grace is this possible!

My daily remote working environment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

1. Mapping Your Unfair Advantage

Duration: 1 day to 1 week

When I first took an interest in digital product design, I was tempted to jump straight into an online design course, meander through streams of YouTube tutorial videos or start hacking case studies. But I found it extremely practical to be mapping where I was in closest connection to UI/UX as an industry.

Tackling the hassle of group ordering food at work & home

Disclaimer: Yes! Many food delivery apps have now added group ordering features. This is a personal exercise before these features were launched.

Problem: think of your last group order 🤦‍♀️

It’s lunchtime in your office. The sun is blazing hot outside, your stomach rumbles and the notion of simply staying in grows increasingly palpable amongst you and your colleagues. Then suddenly, some enlightened colleague blurts out––“Hey, do you guys want to order food from X?”

Everyone puts off their work in abrupt relief, as a group naturally forms to discuss what food/restaurant to order from, the delivery wait time, the promos that seem promising and even an informal…

The adult literacy rate in Malaysia has been steadily growing from the 1980s until now, peaking at 95% in 2017. Malaysians are reported as one of the top buyers of books yet not the most read. Our previous prime minister, Dr. Mahathir spoke about our reading culture affected by digitalisation:

“One of the challenges we face today in encouraging the reading culture is the digital influence on society. This digital influence is so huge that traditional reading sources such as newspapers and books are increasingly sidelined.”

At the same time, makeshift initiatives across the world have been actively engaging people…

Years ago, when the first MRT lines were built in Kuala Lumpur, the whole experience worked as one expected. Clean, convenient, and predictable apart from the longer waits and pricier tickets. But it’s now 2020 — and commuting with these screens look like they could use some improvements.


At first, I was looking for possible MRT redesigns but only came across this SMRT case study from Singapore 👍 which was really so, so well done and showcases the impact UX designers can bring to public services/amenities.

I first mapped my own experience from entering the station platform to leaving the…

Dad: “Going for medical check-up.” Me: “OK, I follow.”

Someday, I’m pretty sure service design, the design of how we experience services, is going to bring massive impact to Malaysia. But it’s gotta start somewhere for now.

When my dad and I first went to the government hospital, we waited for two hours assuming to be in queue for an actual check-up. But when we discovered an ‘appointment date’ was due for another three weeks, it immediately became clear hospitals are so worth a design study.

This is not meant as a critique of governmental bodies, the staff are real champions and the overall public benefits are tremendous.


Weiee Ying

Remote product designer @airfoil. Tent-maker in progress. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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